About U&U

How can you read the city where you live and work? Let’s start from a blank page and draw, write, read and share how we feel and dream it can be.

Urbanie and Urbanus (U+U) is a periodic journal and communication tool to develop a dialogue between the institute members, related professions, decision makers and the local community.

Commencing with a focus on the city and community of Hong Kong, from this local perspective it outreaches to China, Asia and Internationally. With the limitless reach an online resource can offer, the e-journal offers learned critique to increase participation and engagement through
understanding and ‘below-the-line’ debate on issues large and small, from state-building to street furniture.

The core aim is to develop a better understanding of our cities in their varied and multiple scales and aspects, written by and considered for the widest range of users and key actors possible. We associate with universities, the building profession and the public, with articles combining the scope and immediacy of serious everyday dialogues and communication with anyone who wants to participate in the precision and depth of debate. As such the expected outcome and purpose of the publication is to raise awareness of the potential for updated design tools and methods, particularly within Hong Kong, China, and the broader Asia region.

Established 2019, HKIUD, Hong Kong


Dr. Hee Sun (Sunny) Choi


Giannai Talamini

Editorial Board:

  • Barry Wilson
  • Charles Li
  • Joel Chan
  • Dr. Peter Cookson Smith
  • Sunnie Lau

Translation for Chinese Edition:

The authors, Wong Wan Chak (proofread)