Urbanie & Urbanus

Issue 2020 Jan

Sustainable Cities

Issue 3, P.22 - P.36

Smart and Sustainable City Framework with Smart Cultural Precinct as Case Study

Dr. Sujata Govada

CEO and Managing Director, UDP International
Founding Director, Institute for Sustainable Urbanisation


The Smart and Sustainable City Framework (SSCF) redefines the idea of ‘Smart City’ to having “Smart Thinking, Planning and Design” as fundamental for smart and sustainable city development. The framework focuses on the core values of “Smart People, Smart Place, and Smart Planet” that helps shape the city through innovative solutions with technology embedded as an enabler to create a more liveable, walkable, resilient and happy cities for all. Six elements of the Smart and Sustainable City Framework are discussed, which consists of “Smart Living”, “Smart Environment”, “Smart Mobility”, “Smart Infrastructure”, “Smart Governance”, and Smart Economy”.

Smart Cultural Precinct (SCP) with the Cultural Triangle at its core in Central, Hong Kong will be used as a case study to demonstrate the use of the SSCF, together with recommendations for Hong Kong and suggestions for the broader application of the SSCF to help shape better cities.