Urbanie & Urbanus

Innovative Exploration of High-Quality and Refined Management in New Park—A Case Study of the whole process of urban design of Liuxiandong Headquarter

Liancaia Li

Deputy Chief urban Planner, Director of Urban Comprehensive Development and Design Institute, Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen Co., Ltd.


Through 11 years of planning and design, 10 years of refinement and whole-process management during the process of development and construction, Liuxiandong has achieved high-level design and high-quality development and construction. It has been a model for refined urban management in Shenzhen and a benchmark for large-scale urban governance. The refined management of Liuxiandong focuses on both the diversity and growth of the city, and the continuity and long-term nature of the management process. Urban design should integrate the wisdom of multiple departments and professions, continuously addressing challenges and issues throughout the whole process of planning, construction, and management, with its concepts, methods, spatial products, and management approaches constantly evolving.