Urbanie & Urbanus

Issue 2020 Jan

Sustainable Cities

Issue 3, P.37 - P.49

Sustainable High Density Cities: Empowering Practitioners with Digital Technologies

Dr. Jianxiang Huang

Sustainable High Density Cities Lab, Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong 

and  Mengdi Guo and  Anqi Zhang and  Tongping Hao and  Yiming Sun and  Phil Jones

Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University


Fig. 1 Environment pollution of the air, noise, and waste are top concerns expressed by Hong Kong’s residents

Fig. 2 A bird’s eye view of the Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate redevelopment project.


Fig. 2 physical model with the design concept of introducing wind while fencing out traffic noise. Source: Hong Kong Housing Authority [17]s

Fig. 3 Hong Kong’s energy flow in 2017, by Jianxiang Huang, Chenxiao Li

Fig. 4 SHDC develops multi-scale simulation software tools for sustainable planning and design practices, by Jianxiang Huang, Phil Jones, Yiming Sun.

Fig. 5 Simulation of household road traffic noise exposure in Hong Kong, by Mengdi Guo, Jianxiang Huang, Michael Ni

Fig. 6 Forecasting urban heat wave and air pollution for Yueqing, China, based on IPCC climate change scenarios.
Source: Jianxiang Huang, Yali Wang, Rong Peng, Yiyang Yang, John D. Spengler, Linda P. Tomasso


Fig. 7 A prognostic simulation-design workflow to optimize design options for Hong Kong Urban Renewal Authority.
Source: Jianxiang Huang, Tongping Hao, Shan Shan Hou, Phil Jones

Fig. 8 Spatial Distribution of Twitter Data and Noise-Related Public Nuisance Petition in the Greater Taipei Area.
Source: Mengdi Guo, Jianxiang Huang, Yiming Sun, Lishuai Li, Rong Juin Shyu

Fig. 9 Simulation of renewable energy potentials of Nansha Pearl Bay urban design project, by Xiaojun Li, Jianxiang Huang, Phil Jones

Fig. 10 Evaluation of Kevin Lynch’s city image theories using multiple evidence from “big data” and “small data”, by Jianxiang Huang, Hanna Prondzynaska, Dorota Kamrowska-Zaluska, Yiming Sun, Lishuai Li